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Darth andeddu
"Knowledge is power and true Sith do not share power."
―Darth Andeddu[src]

Darth Andeddu, also referred to as the Immortal God-King of Prakith, was an ancient humanoid male who reigned as Dark Lord of the Sith, and was dubiously thought of as the forebear of the "Darth" title. A paranoid man, Andeddu believed that his subordinate Sith Lords—whom he regarded as his enemies—wanted to claim his vast collection of Sith lore and ritual for themselves. He was eventually betrayed and overthrown by his followers, forcing him to flee the planet Korriban for the Deep Core. Andeddu made the world of Prakith his domain where he ruled for centuries as a deity until his physical demise, at which time he entombed himself in an attempt to deprive his pursuers of the power they sought to steal. Prior to his physical death, Andeddu stored all of his wisdom within a holocron which also contained his most arcane secret: the ability to cheat death by transferring one's essence into another vessel. A Sith cult founded by Lord Andeddu called the "Malevolence" constructed a temple in reverence of their Dark Lord, and guarded the fortress for generations in anticipation of the God-King's return.

The legend of Darth Andeddu and his incredible powers remained at large long after his death, and the Jedi Order even attempted to erase all knowledge and reference of the Dark Lord from galactic record. Despite their best efforts, whispers of Andeddu's existence still remained prevalent. His holocron survived as well—first uncovered by the Sith Lord Darth Bane on Prakith in 980 BBY, then rediscovered by Darth Tyranus on Korriban in 21 BBY, and later recovered by Darth Krayt and his One Sith Order more than a century later. Krayt, who suffered from a Yuuzhan Vong slave seed infestation that threatened to leave him bereft of sentience, allowed his lieutenant Darth Wyyrlok III to access Andeddu's holocron in search of possible solutions. The device led the Chagrian Sith on a journey to Andeddu's Keep on Prakith, where he encountered and defeated the Malevolence cultists, but in doing so, he revived the ancient body of Darth Andeddu. The Dark Lord then dueled Wyyrlok on a battlefield of the mind, a contest which ultimately resulted in Andeddu's demise. His corpse was resealed within the tomb that had housed it for countless millennia, and his collection of Sith doctrines was pillaged by Wyyrlok, who hoped to obtain a viable means of ending Darth Krayt's plight.

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